Aline Talhouk

Paul Gustafson
Arnaud Doucet

Modeling Dependancies in Multivariate Data

Post-doctoral Research Fellow - BC Cancer Agency

Song Cai

Jiahua Chen
James V. Zidek FRSC, O.C.

On Dual Empirical Likelihood Inference Under Semiparametric Density Ration Models in the Presence of Multiple Samples: With Applications to Long Term Monitoring of Lumber Quality

Assistant Professor, School of Mathematics and Statistics, Carleton University

Pavel Krupskii

Harry Joe

Structured Factor Copulas and Tail Inference

Postdoctoral Fellow at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Li Xing

Paul Gustafson

Model and Inference Issues Related to Exposure-Disease Relationships

Post Doctoral Fellow Department of Biostatistics, Richard M. Fairbanks School of Publich Health, Indiana University

Hongbin Zhang

Lang Wu

Joint Inference of NLME and GLMM Models with Informative Censoring

Post Doctoral Fellow, Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute (CANSSI)