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PhD/Msc Alumni


Thesis Title: Asymptotic inference for segmented regression models
First Position: Statistics Canada
Current Position: Research Triangle Institute
Program: PhD


Thesis Title: Estimation with multivariate extreme value distributions, with applications to environmental data
Supervisor: Harry Joe
Program: MSc
Thesis Title: Simultaneous and sequential ROC analyses for diagnostic tests
Supervisor: Andrew Coldman
First Position: BC Cancer Agency
Current Position: Vice President, Research, American Academy of Physician Assistants
Program: MSc
Thesis Title: Hierarchical modelling of multivariate survival data
Supervisor: Andrew Coldman
First Position: PhD, Carnegie Mellon Univ
Current Position: Professor, UBC, Department of Statistics
Program: MSc


Thesis Title: On Minimum Aberration Fractional Factorial Designs
First Position: Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo
Current Position: Professor, University of British Columbia
Thesis Title: Esampling-based variance estimators in ratio estimation with application to weigh scaling
Supervisor: John Petkau
First Position: Price-Waterhouse
Program: MSc
Thesis Title: Robust principal component analysis via projection pursuit
Supervisor: Ruben H Zamar
First Position: Statistics Canada
Current Position: Statistics Canada
Program: MSc
Thesis Title: Monotone regression functions
Supervisor: Nancy E. Heckman
First Position: Statistician, ICBC
Program: MSc


Thesis Title: On multivariate unimodal distributions
Supervisor: Albert W. Marshall
Program: MSc
Thesis Title: Empiric risk estimation in Alzheimer disease
Supervisor: John Petkau
First Position: PhD student, University of Chicago
Current Position: Ohio State University, Dept of Statistics
Program: MSc