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UBC Undergrad Stuns as Plenary Speaker at NCRC 2024

UBC Statistics 4th year student Abhinav Kansal captivated audiences at the prestigious National Collegiate Research Conference (NCRC) 2024, held at Harvard University. Selected as one of only twelve Plenary Speakers from over 500 students representing 100+ universities globally, the student showcased exceptional passion and technical expertise.

Judges at NCRC 2024 praised Abhinav’s presentation for its clarity, depth of understanding, and innovative research on the correlation between temperature and productivity. While commending the meticulous experimental design and visual clarity of the presentation, they offered insightful suggestions for further enhancing the research's impact.

Expressing gratitude, Abhinav remarked, "It was an honour to represent The University of British Columbia alongside over 500 talented students from 100+ universities across the globe. Being chosen as a Plenary Speaker is a tremendous distinction, and I'm grateful for the chance to stand among the most experienced undergraduate researchers from across the globe. The selection process was highly competitive, with only 12 speakers chosen for this distinguished role." Looking ahead, Abhinav emphasized his commitment to continued collaboration, learning, and pushing research boundaries, aiming to inspire the next generation of leaders in the field.

February 26, 2024