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Name Position Email Office Phone Number Office Room Number
Marie Auger-Méthé Assistant Professor, CRC Tier 2 auger-methe [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-8229 ESB 3162
Ben Bloem-Reddy Assistant Professor benbr [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-9957 ESB 3168
Alexandre Bouchard-Côté Associate Professor bouchard [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-1669 ESB 3124
Rollin F. Brant Professor Emeritus rollin [at] stat.ubc.ca
Trevor Campbell Assistant Professor trevor [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-6422 ESB 3116
Jiahua Chen Professor, CRC Tier 1 (2007-2020) jhchen [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-1848 ESB 3136
Gabriela V. Cohen Freue Associate Professor, CRC Tier 2 gcohen [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-3710 ESB 3146
Vincenzo Coia Assistant Professor of Teaching vincen.coia [at] stat.ubc.ca ESB 3172
Bruce Dunham Professor of Teaching b.dunham [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-4997 ESB 3118
Frederick P. Glick Professor Emeritus ned [at] stat.ubc.ca
Paul Gustafson Professor gustaf [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-1300 ESB 3128
Nancy E. Heckman Professor nancy [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-3595 ESB 3135
Harry Joe Professor harry.joe [at] ubc.ca 604-822-2829 ESB 3138
Keegan Korthauer Assistant Professor keegan [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-5535 ESB 3108
Melissa Lee Assistant Professor of Teaching melissa.lee [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-8275 ESB 3164
Rodolfo Lourenzutti Assistant Professor of Teaching lourenzutti [at] stat.ubc.ca ESB 3158
Albert W. Marshall Professor Emeritus
Daniel J. McDonald Associate Professor daniel [at] stat.ubc.ca ESB 3106
Natalia Nolde Associate Professor natalia [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-4373 ESB 3156
Yongjin Park Assistant Professor ypp [at] stat.ubc.ca 3166
John Petkau Professor Emeritus john [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-4673 ESB 3148
W. A. Lasantha Premarathna Lecturer wpremara [at] stat.ubc.ca ESB 3109
Estella Qi Sessional Instructor estella.qi [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-8315 ESB 3166
Matías Salibián-Barrera Professor matias [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-3410 ESB 3114
Michael Schulzer Professor Emeritus michael [at] stat.ubc.ca
Tiffany Timbers Assistant Professor of Teaching tiffany.timbers [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-1631 ESB 3152
William J. Welch Professor will [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-3339 ESB 3132
Lang Wu Professor lang [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-3319 ESB 3126
Eugenia Yu Associate Professor of Teaching eugenia [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-827-5756 ESB 3122
Ruben H. Zamar Professor ruben [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-3167 ESB 3134
James V. Zidek FRSC, O.C. Professor Emeritus jim [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-4302 ESB 3112

Postdoctorial Fellows and Research Associates

Name Position Email Office Phone Number Office Room Number
Tomas Beuzen Postdoctoral Teaching and Learning Fellow tomas.beuzen [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-789-4458 ESB3144
Vincent Briane vincent.briane [at] stat.ubc.ca ESB 3144
Harlan Campbell Postdoctoral Research Fellow harlan.campbell [at] stat.ubc.ca
Bernard Ng Research Associate bernard.ng [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-875-3802 Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics, 3109 - 950 W 28th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4H4
G. Alexi Rodríguez-Arelis Postdoctoral Teaching and Learning Fellow alexrod [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-2379 ESB 3135

Adjunct Faculty and Associate Members

Name Position Email Office Phone Number Office Room Number
Jennifer Bryan Adjunct Professor; Software Engineer at RStudio jenny [at] stat.ubc.ca
Priscilla Greenwood Associate Member; Professor Emeritus, UBC pgreenw [at] math.ubc.ca 604-827-3209 MATX 1208
Martial Guillaud Adjunct; Research Scientist, Cancer Imaging, BC Cancer Research Centre mguillau [at] bccrc.ca 604-875-8086
Ehsan Karim Associate Member; Assistant Professor, School of Population and Public Health, UBC ehsan [at] stat.ubc.ca
Laks Lakshmanan Associate Member; Professor, Computer Science, UBC laks [at] cs.ubc.ca 604-822-3153 ICCS 315
Nhu Le Adjunct; Senior Scientist, BC Cancer Agency nhu [at] stat.ubc.ca
Ed Perkins Associate Member; Professor, Mathematics, UBC perkins [at] math.ubc.ca 604-822-6670 MATX 1207
Andrew Roth Associate Member; Assistant Professor, Computer Science, UBC; Assistant Professor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UBC aroth [at] cs.ubc.ca
Frank Wood Associate Member; Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science fwood [at] cs.ubc.ca

Graduate Students

Name Program Email Office Phone Number Office Room Number
Jonathan O.K. Agyeman PhD j.agyeman [at] stat.ubc.ca ESB 3165
Creagh Briercliffe PhD creagh [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-2467 ESB 3165
Elvis (Zhenglun) Cai MSc zhenglun.cai [at] stat.ubc.ca 778-926-9783
Naitong Chen MSc naitong.chen [at] stat.ubc.ca
Harper Xiaolan Cheng MSc harper.cheng [at] stat.ubc.ca
Kevin Chern MSc kevin.chern [at] stat.ubc.ca
Kenny Chiu PhD kenny.chiu [at] stat.ubc.ca ESB 3133
Anthony Christidis PhD anthony.christidis [at] stat.ubc.ca ESB 3169
Tim Crowe MSc tim.crowe [at] stat.ubc.ca
Xueni (Shirley) Cui MSc shirley.cui [at] stat.ubc.ca
Gian Carlo Di-Luvi PhD gian.diluvi [at] stat.ubc.ca 3133
Xin Ding PhD xin.ding [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-2098 ESB 3129
Shannon Edie
Shuxian (Trinity) Fan MSc shuxian.fan [at] stat.ubc.ca ESB 3127
Xinyao Fan MSc xinyao.fan [at] stat.ubc.ca
Mallory J Flynn PhD mallory.flynn [at] stat.ubc.ca ESB 3154
Sihaoyu Gao MSc sihaoyu.gao [at] stat.ubc.ca
Daniel Daly Grafstein PhD daly-grafstein [at] stat.ubc.ca
Rowenna Gryba PhD r.gryba [at] stat.ubc.ca AERL 214
Daniel Hadley PhD daniel.hadley [at] stat.ubc.ca ESB 3169
Ho Yin Ho PhD hyho [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-2245 ESB 3131
Pramoda Sachinthana Jayasinghe PhD pramoda.j [at] stat.ubc.ca ESB 3127
Adrian L Jones MSc adrian.jones [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-2098 ESB 3129
Xiaomeng Ju PhD xiaomeng.ju [at] stat.ubc.ca ESB 3169
David Kepplinger PhD d.kepplinger [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-1226 ESB 3127
Trevor Kwan MSc trevor.kwan [at] stat.ubc.ca
Sean La MSc sean.la [at] stat.ubc.ca
Samuel Laferriere PhD s.laferriere [at] stat.ubc.ca
Kevin Lam PhD kevin.lam [at] stat.ubc.ca ESB 3131
William Laplante MSc william.laplante [at] stat.ubc.ca
Miguel Biron Lattes PhD miguel.biron [at] stat.ubc.ca ESB 3135
Seren Lee PhD seren.lee [at] stat.ubc.ca ESB 3135
Matteo Lepur MSc matteo.lepur [at] stat.ubc.ca
Jingyiran Li MSc jingyiran.li [at] stat.ubc.ca
Xiaoting Li PhD xiaoting.li [at] stat.ubc.ca
Xinglong Li PhD xinglong.li [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-6956 ESB 3154
Haodi Liang PhD jim.liang [at] stat.ubc.ca
Xiaoxuan (Sherry) Liang MSc xiaoxuan.liang [at] stat.ubc.ca
Jiaping(Olivia) Liu PhD jiaping.liu [at] stat.ubc.ca 3127
Maggie (Yi Tong) Liu MSc yitong.liu [at] stat.ubc.ca
Rachel Lobay MSc rachel.lobay [at] stat.ubc.ca
Glenn McGuinness MSc glenn.mcguinness [at] stat.ubc.ca
Ana Cecilia Leon Morales MSc cecilia.leon [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-2098 ESB 3129
Lucy Mosquera MSc lucy.mosquera [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-0531 ESB 3123
Ian Murphy MSc ian.murphy [at] stat.ubc.ca
Jana Osea MSc jana.osea [at] stat.ubc.ca
Shenyi Pan PhD shenyi.pan [at] stat.ubc.ca ESB 3127
Hyeongcheol (Tom) Park MSc hyeongcheol.park [at] stat.ubc.ca ESB 3161
Lulu Pei MSc lulu.pei [at] stat.ubc.ca
Tom Peng MSc tom.peng [at] stat.ubc.ca
Vittorio Romaniello PhD vittorio.romaniello [at] stat.ubc.ca
Tigana Runte MSc tigana.runte [at] stat.ubc.ca
Giorgio (Gio) Sgarbi MSc giorgio.sgarbi [at] stat.ubc.ca ESB 3133
Ning Shen PhD ning.shen [at] stat.ubc.ca ESB 3129
Evan Sidrow PhD evan.sidrow [at] stat.ubc.ca ESB 3131
Nikola Surjanovic PhD nikola.surjanovic [at] stat.ubc.ca
Sonja Isberg Surjanovic PhD sonja.isberg [at] stat.ubc.ca
Saifuddin Syed PhD saif.syed [at] stat.ubc.ca ESB 3165
Nirupama Tamvada MSc nirupama.tamvada [at] stat.ubc.ca
Shuyi Tan MSc shuyi.tan [at] stat.ubc.ca
Wei Tang MSc wei.tang [at] stat.ubc.ca
Giuseppe Tomio MSc giuseppe.tomio [at] stat.ubc.ca
Xinmiao Wang PhD xinmiao.wang [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-0531 ESB 3123
Yicheng Wang MSc yicheng.wang [at] stat.ubc.ca
Joe Watson PhD joe.watson [at] stat.ubc.ca ESB 3123
Marc Wettengel MSc marc.wettengel [at] stat.ubc.ca
Quanhan (Johnny) Xi MSc johnny.xi [at] stat.ubc.ca
Yuan Xia MSc lily.yuanxia [at] stat.ubc.ca
Zuheng (David) Xu PhD zuheng.xu [at] stat.ubc.ca ESB 3131
Yuwei Yang MSc yuwei.yang [at] stat.ubc.ca
Qian Ye PhD qian.ye [at] stat.ubc.ca
Weijia (Grace) Yin MSc grace.yin [at] stat.ubc.ca
Xinyuan (Chloe) You MSc xinyuan.you [at] stat.ubc.ca
Ming Yuan MSc ming.yuan [at] stat.ubc.ca
Li Zha MSc li.zha [at] stat.ubc.ca
Archer Gong Zhang PhD archer.zhang [at] stat.ubc.ca ESB 3127
Lin Zhang PhD lin.zhang [at] stat.ubc.ca ESB 3135
Qiong Zhang PhD qiong.zhang [at] stat.ubc.ca ESB 3123
Yichen Zhang PhD yichen.zhang [at] stat.ubc.ca ESB 3123
Menglin Zhou PhD menglin.zhou [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-2098 ESB 3129
Peiyuan (Gary) Zhu MSc gary.zhu [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-2347 ESB 3133
Zhipeng Zhu MSc zhipeng.zhu [at] stat.ubc.ca


Name Position Email Office Phone Number Office Room Number
Finance Finance & Administrative Assistant finance [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-8878 ESB 3182
Ian F Allison IT Support iana [at] pims.math.ca 604 822 3469 ESB 4126
Binh Cong Dang Systems Administrator & Web Developer binh.dang [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-1676 ESB 4183
Paul Gustafson Professor, Head head [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-0570 ESB 3182
The Ha IT Director tha [at] stat.ubc.ca 604 822 1629 ESB 4124
Ah Young Kim Executive Assistant to the Head and Communications Coordinator headsec [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-0570 ESB 3182
Systems IT Manager help [at] stat.ubc.ca
Peggy Ng Administrator admin [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-6880 ESB 3194
Mairéad Roche Student Programs Coordinator gradinfo [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-4821 ESB 3182


Name Position Email Office Phone Number Office Room Number
Biljana Jonoska Stojkova Senior Statistical Consultant b.stojkova [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-2479 ESB 3102
Nikolas S. Krstic Statistical Consultant nikolas.krstic [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-2479 ESB 3102
Carolyn Taylor Senior Statistical Consultant cgtaylor [at] stat.ubc.ca 604-822-2924 ESB 3104

In Memoriam

Name Position
Constance van Eeden (1927-2021) Honorary Professor